About Us

Saawariya Impex Pvt Ltd, This group has over the years successfully diversified into manufacturing of dry cells, Audio Cassettes, trading and export of computer accessories. After having emerged as market leaders in these respective sectors, Saawariya Group is now ready to take the Telecom industry by storm with the launch of an extensive range of feature-rich and competitive mobile phones under the name Mafe Mobile.


MAFE is an innovative high-tech company that regards quality as its life and is growing rapidly.


The Company is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative diversified, fashionable mobile communication terminals, innovative accessories. The Company enjoys extensive resources in innovative design, product development, procurement, manufacture, and quality control of mobile communication terminals.

MAFE have a first-class R&D team full of creative energy, led by core members with over 25 years of experience in design of mobile communication terminals. Following the guidance of innovation and quality priority concept, the R&D team is continuously presenting fashionable and innovative quality products, winning the praise and exceeding the expectation of customers constantly.


For MAFE, the Company will implement a localized development strategy, with extensive investment, including advertisement, marketing and strong localized marketing team, in order to assist the agents to achieve success and gradually build MAFE into a widely praised local brand and international brand with Partners around the globe.

For after sale department, MAFE will establish an after-sale service network covering all the major cities in the country, and constantly improve the after-sale procedures to increase the efficiency and to better service the local consumers.

MAFE- “To Make Life More Easier”