Management team

Provision management team consist of professionals and business minded people with extensive experience in managing large scale technology developments, mass market product distribution and business managements experience of decades.

Mukesh Jha  (director ) - With more than 15+ years in technology and innovation based business, mukesh gives best in class solution delivery for all area of pain and bring innovation that help the industry  to face all challanges.  Prior to the Cablo, mukesh is founded and also run enterprise IT services company with global client base from more than 10+ countries.

Ved Parkash  ( Chairman ) – Mr. Ved Parkash is having more than 35 years of experience in business managements and running several large and mid scales business in manufacturing, services and trading. Being a professional business managers and with wide range of industry experiences, input from Mr. Ved Parkash help the business to grow and understand the ethics of business while executive  customer centering business decision that help the society and business all together.

Apart from the key members of business, our management team and consultancy team consist of managers, business professionals and technology team that help in building the world class company called provision.